Best Price TSDZ2 36v 48v High Speed Mid Drive Motor – VLDC 5 w/ Throttle, E-brakes, Light Cables

– 36v 48v TSDZ2-B
– 42T Chain Ring (34T or 52T available as well 39 USD addtional if needed)
– VLDC-5 display (w/ ext. button panel, USB charge port)
– Right Side Thumb Throttle AND E-Brakes
– Speed Sensor w/ Spoke Magnet
– TWO Light Connections w/ long wires

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Product Description

TSDZ2-T – 48v 500w

Torque Sensing Mid-Drive Motor by TONGSHENG

Smooth. Responsive. Light. 

This motor is newer to the market, and has not had as much publicity as the BBS series. The main difference, is that the BBS series assist works with ‘speed sensing’, or merely relies on a sensor that is tripped by a series of magnets that spin around when you pedal. HOWEVER, the TSDZ series motors are activated by a ‘smart, dual sided torque sensing mechanism’, which also has multiple assist levels. This makes for a true ‘SUPERHUMAN FEEL’, because the torque sensor can tell how hard you are pushing, and signals through the controller to the motor to provide corresponding level of assist! This is a GREAT feeling, and usually only available on much higher end ebikes.

We use the new type speed sensors, and include a split ‘Y’ adapter, to hook up a headlight, and taillight, which you can control from the display/cockpit! Also, our VLDC-5 unit comes fully loaded with throttle, and e-brakes. The VLDC-5 display also has a usb port, to charge your mobile device!

  • Very Fast and Easy Assembly, Plug and Play Wiring. (Includes all installation hardware and tools. Can complete motor installation in 5 minutes, allowing more time to run wiring to the speed sensor, as well as to the handlebars/cockpit, fastening all wires tight in place, for a clean conversion, with no loose hanging wires.)- Compact (smaller than BBS, almost completely hidden on drive side)
  • Powerful 250w 750w (great hill climbing ability and power to weight ratio)
  •  Lite-Weight: 3.6Kg or 8lbs (BBSHD 68mm = 5.4kg or 12lbs)
  • VLCD-5 Display (w/ Nightlite for riding in dim areas, and setting to calibrate for any wheel size)
  • Detached 'button control panel' (for stable setting adjustments at your fingertip, on the fly)
  • Power Assistant Ratio: 36%~300% (4 levels of assistance)
  • 'Stock' Limited Speed: 25Km/h (can adjust to 45Km/h in settings, also can switch to MPH display)
  • High efficiency torque sensing mid drive, utilizes the drivetrain gearing, for lower battery power consumption.
  1. Push motor BB axle into BB tube,the exxposed axle length on left side is 11mm(Put securing plate onto BB axle, Put 2 washers between motor and securing plate,Tighten the securing plate and the motor with two m5*6 screws).
  2. Screw the M33.5 nut onto the BB axle,do not tighten the nut.
  3. Install the fixing block onto the motor with m8*40 bolt, do not tighten,Using a m8*45 bolt and the hang-plate to tighten the fixing block and motor.
  4. Tighten the bolt with 40nm torque force,tighten with affiliated wrench by over 40n.m torqure.
  5. Using m8*14 bolts to install the arm-cranks.the locking torque is over 40n.m.

36V 250W, 48V 750W


8Pin VLCD5 With Throttle&Brake

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