8fun/bafang Motor P850c Lcd Bbs02b 48v 750w Latest Controller Crank Engine Eletric Bicycles Trike Ebike Kits

  • Condition: New product
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Design: Brushless
  • Wattage:750w
  • Motor Type: <span”>Bafang mid drive motor
  • Name: Bafang Motor Engine Ebike Kit
  • Application: Mountain Bike,City Bicycle,Snow Bike,Sand Bike
  • Packing Weight: 6.5KG
  • LCD Display: DPC-14/750C
  • Feature: Mid Drive
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Product Description

 8fun/bafang motor P850C LCD BBS02B 48v 750w latest controller crank Motor eletric bicycles trike ebike kits

New Integrated 25A Controller 48v Crank Drive Electric Bike Kit.  750 watt rated motor up to 1200 watts of peak power.  Officially rated at 750 watts so it meets the legal requirements for an electric bike in all states. By far the most power to the  rear wheel of any legal kit. Full throttle at PAS zero! The kit comes with a default top speed of 20 MPH to make it legal in every state, however this is easily adjusted to about 32 MPH in the display settings. If you want to go faster, you can take it a step further and trick the controller into thinking you have a smaller wheel diameter, which will allow you to go closer to 50MPH, but the speedometer will be reading inaccurately. 20MPH is plenty fast, but to each their own! Be aware that if you adjust the controller away from the 20MPH limit, this technically makes the bike an “off road” bike.


The Mid Drive Kit is by far the best E-Bike Kit available, as this kit allows for use of your existing gears, no matter if you have a derailleur, an internally geared hub, or even a CVT hub. This not only allows for quick acceleration combined with a high top speed, but allows for steep hill climbing ability and the most efficient use of the battery, so you get extended range. When using this kit with the downtube mounted battery, the added mass has a low center of gravity and is centrally located between the wheels of the bike, which optimizes handling and ease of use.


Comes with everything you need to convert your bike to a legal powerful electric bicycle that you can ride anywhere a bike is allowed to ride, excluding the battery, which we also have available. See our other auctions, if you buy the kit and the battery together you save a big. This kit comes with the motor cut off brake levers, they are just not pictured.

Bafang Motor Spec:

1. Voltage: 48V  current Limit:25A

2. Power: 750W

3. Motor Weight: 4.8kgs
4. BB Length: 68mm (Suitable for 68mm or 73mm length BB Bike Modification)
5. Working Temperature of Dsplay: – 20- 80
6. Waterproof Grade: IP65

With an integrated speed sensor, this mid-drive motor, which is compatible with a 68-73mm bottom bracket, has a rated power of 750W, a reduction ratio of 1: 21.9 and a maximum torque of 160 N.m, will provide the rider with great explosive force when starting the system. Highly strong and efficient, this motor greatly enhances riding joy and is suitable for mountain bikes and sand bikes which are the favorites of riders who love challenges as well as transport bikes. This motor is black.
The Mid Drive Kits are designed to fit bikes with a 68mm (2.68 in.) or 73mm (2.87 in.) wide bottom bracket shell and 35mm inside diameter.  This encompasses the vast majority of bikes excluding some newer high end bikes with an Integrated Bottom Bracket, and Fat tire Bikes with a 100mm wide bottom bracket shell. V  750W BBS02 Bafang Central Motor



Packing list:


1. BBS02 + Mid-Drive Motor: 1 pc
2. LCD Display + Operation Button: 1 pc
3. Brake Levers: 2 pcs
4. Thumb Throttle: 1 pc
5. Waterproof Quick Release Wires: 1 pc
6. Speed Detecting Sensor + Magnet: 1 pc
7. Chain wheel + Chain Cover: 1 pc
8. Left Crank + Right Crank: each 1 pc
9. Fixing Plate: 1 pc
10. M5*10 Nuts: 5 pcs
11. M6*12 Nuts: 2 pcs
12. M33 Nuts:  2 pcs
13. ST 3.9 Nuts:  5 pcs




1. Open the package and take out drive unit accessories; And check the specification whether it is correct.

2. Fix the chain wheel on drive unit with 5pcs screw M5*10, then fix chain cover on chain wheel with 5pcs screws ST3.9.

3. Fix the drive unit axle tube on frame bottom bracket.

4. The surface with teeth of fixing plate towards inside, then fix the plate on drive unit with 2pcs M6*10.

5. Hold the drive unit near to bicycle fork, force less than 5kgs, tight 1st nut M33 onto axle tube with force : 30-40N.m.

6. Fix 2nd nut M33 onto axle tube, tightening force: 30-40N.m.

7. Fix the left crank on the bike with M8 inner hexagon screw. Tightening force: 35-40N.m.

8. Fix the right crank on the bike with M8 inner hexagon screw. Tightening force: 35-40N.m.

9. Connect all cables for battery, display, speed detecting sensor and so on.


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