Hot Sale EU US NO TAX NEW VERSION 36V/48V/52V TSDZ2 – VLDC 5 W/ Throttle E-brakes Light Cables

TSDZ2 – 52V 750W Torque Sensing Mid-Drive Motor by TONGSHENG

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Product Description

 New product

– 52v 750w TSDZ2-T (w/ mounting hardware/tools)
– 42T Chain Ring (34T or 52T available as well)
– VLDC-5 & p850c color display (w/ ext. button panel, USB charge port)
– Right Side Thumb Throttle AND E-Brakes
– Speed Sensor w/ Spoke Magnet
– TWO Light Connections w/ long wires

  • Very Fast and Easy Assembly, Plug and Play Wiring. (Includes all installation hardware and tools. Can complete motor installation in 5 minutes, allowing more time to run wiring to the speed sensor, as well as to the handlebars/cockpit, fastening all wires tight in place, for a clean conversion, with no loose hanging wires.)- Compact (smaller than BBS, almost completely hidden on drive side)
  • Powerful TRUE 52v 750w+ (great hill climbing ability and power to weight ratio)
  • Lightweight: 3.6Kg or 8lbs (BBSHD 68mm = 5.4kg or 12lbs)
  • VLCD-5 Display (w/ Nightlite for riding in dim areas, and setting to calibrate for any wheel size)
  • Detached 'button control panel' (for stable setting adjustments at your fingertip, on the fly)
  • Power Assistant Ratio: 36%~300% (4 levels of assistance)
  • 'Stock' Limited Speed: 25Km/h (can adjust to 45Km/h in settings, also can switch to MPH display)
  • High efficiency torque sensing mid drive, utilizes the drivetrain gearing, for lower battery power consumption.
Dimensions N/A
Bottom Bracket Width

68mm, 100mm, 120mm


36V 300W, 36V 500W, 48V 750W, 52V 750W


Front Light, Rear light, No Light

Tax issue

Paid by buyer, Paid by seller


vlcd5 , Throttle , Brake included, vlcd6+throttle+1T2 cable , no brake, vlcd5+throttle+1T2 cable , no brake, xh18+throttle+1T2 cable , no brake, Color display+throttle+1T2 cable , no brake

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